Saturday, November 29, 2008

DIY Vinyl Ideas

For everyone trying to stretch a dollar this giving season, homemade gifts using vinyl designs may be the perfect solution. A glass block, a simple tile plaque, a wooden board, a picture frame, or just about any smooth surface will work for most vinyl applications.

Simple tile plaques with a family name or seasonal blessing are quick and easy gifts. Add a decorative ribbon and display on a plate stand for a classic effect.

Glass blocks from the home center store can be turned into beautiful accent lights with the addition of a light string and a ribbon. Pre-drilled blocks can be picked up at your local craft store, or at some home center stores. For tips and tricks on how to create your own glass blocks, visit the glass block page on our website.
Wooden boards, picture frames, or plaques are inexpensive options that need a little paint and a touch of sanding to make them ready for a vinyl application. Pre-cut wooden blanks can be found at any hobby store.

We have dozens of designs that are inexpensive and are quick and easy to apply. Make holiday giving easy and inexpensive this year with a few gifts made with vinyl designs.