Friday, August 7, 2009

New Colors Are Coming!

The nagging, whining, and constant cajoling has finally paid off! Hot off the presses (or cutters, in our case) are 14 new colors from our supplier, Oracal. We haven’t seen them yet, but we anticipate a sage green, an olive, a teal, persimmon, a few more flavors of pink/magenta and more. We’ll get them available just as soon as they arrive, so keep watch on the color sample page for the latest update. 62 colors–Whew!

So for those that really can’t find the perfect color in the mix of 62 choices, we have the ability to cut most of the designs in a ‘reverse weed’ order. What this means to the design perfectionist (and you know you are!) is that you can use the design as the perfect single use stencil for a precise color match. Of course the beauty of the vinyl medium is that it is quicker and easier than paint, but the reverse technique is prefect for that hand painted look.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Why yes, wall decals ARE removable!

We often get questions about how easy vinyl wall decals are to remove. Our designs are made of a type of thin vinyl that is removable without leaving a residue behind. These peel and stick designs are easy to put up, and look great until you're ready to take them down. The removable designs are a great alternative to paint or stencils, which can only be covered rather than removed.

The decals work well in apartments, dorm rooms, as seasonal or holiday decor. They are also an elegant touch for weddings and events. Cover an ancient tile back-splash with some of our tile cover-ups for a fresh take on an old space. Our beautiful matte finish means that the design mimics the look of paint, and an entire design can be installed faster than stenciling on a single word--no mess, no fumes, and no brushes to clean. When you're ready to remove the design, a little heat from a hairdryer loosens the adhesive, and then it's a matter of gently picking at a corner until you get a solid piece to peel off. We can even provide a sample of the vinyl for a quick surface (or color) test.

Vinyl decals are inexpensive, easy to install, and make a fun personal statement. What do your walls have to say about you?