Sunday, May 23, 2010

Grad Motivation

Ah, grad season is upon us. Soon the studious will be fresh from school and will spend their days ‘recovering’ from their ordeal. We’ve got a few great designs that are perfect little motivation reminders. If you’ve ever felt you might as well be talking to the wall, then let those walls do the nagging for a while. Don’t see any that work, then we’ve got designers at the ready to help you create a custom design that will be absolutely perfect—just think of the possibilities!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Designers, Bloggers, and Room to Breathe

Debbie Travis, one of my favorite designers and television personalities recently reached out to us for some information and photos for an upcoming newspaper column. We’re tickled pink (or rather tickled carnation, bubble gum, or…). We can’t wait to see what Debbie says—especially since her forte is paint, plaster, and the covering of bland walls.

Debbie is not the only one talking about us, we’ve been on a whirlwind with bloggers recently, getting together give aways, sending out samples, and generally getting to know some of the social media press circuit. I definitely missed the social marketing chapter in my moldy oldy Marketing 301 class in college, but I’m learning as I go.

Our big news (at least to us) is that we moved our production facility this week and are really enjoying the elbow room. The blank walls are both refreshing and intimidating—the old space we put up any random thing that we had lying around. In this space I want it a little more thought out. For now it’s a little minimalist until I get a spark of creativity and a few minutes with my favorite cutting machines.