Monday, November 1, 2010

Waiting For a Website

Did you hear? We put our giant decals on sale--Save 20% through the end of November. Want even more fun discounts, find them on our Facebook page, but you have to become a fan to see the codes. Sneaky, aren't we?

Have you ever seen the commercial where someone talks about hiring someone to create a new website for them "5 months ago"... Well I definitely feel their pain. The new website project has been in the works for over a year. We are getting close, just at the time of the year that we said we would not be converting websites. I've never been good at timing, so add this to my less than stellar track record!

In the meantime, we're still working on making our current site a bit more user friendly. We've added a realtime chat feature, have extended our Customer Service Hours (now 10a-5p M-F) and added social plugins to all designs. Stop by for a chat when you are on our site!

We lost one of our favorite competitors recently. We will miss you, Wonderful Graffiti. You were a class act that exuded professionalism, and were head and shoulders above the fray with unique graphic designs that were beautiful and inspired. We hope you all are on to bigger and better things and will be back with a redesigned concept soon!

Monday, August 30, 2010

New Designs for Halloween

Time flies when you’re having fun, or in our case when you’re swamped. The kids haven’t even had a chance to break in their new backpacks, while Target is now displaying Halloween décor. We run on a perpetual seasonal and holiday clock, and ours is not pointing to fall and trending to winter.

We put together some fun designs for Halloween this year, including some fun packs with a bunch of whimsical art that can help with the overall effect. Consider adding decals to the realistic foam pumpkins for a display that can last for years. Add a touch of macabre to a mirror with a spider web, or invite a friendly ghost to take up residence for a spell. It is a great time of year to finally experiment with that funky shade of orange you’ve been threatening to try for the past 6 months!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Supersize Me!

We finally got in the giant rolls of 48” material and are excited to be creating huge designs to go with the media. We’re also doing Henry Ford one better right now—you can have it in any color you want as long as it is black or chocolate! We’ll get more colors in over time, but for now we’re focusing on trees.

I hail from the Oregon coast, which has some of the most beautiful forests on earth. I love trees, and I love the way they look on the walls. We’re starting with adorable and fun trees, and will add the more forest-y looking trees along with other designs over time.

We’re still getting in more and more colors in the 30” material size as we change over from the 24” format. If you find a design that needs to be bigger, shoot us an email and we’ll see if we can work it in. We can order the 48” vinyl in any of our colors as well, so if you find you absolutely have to have something that big, we have you covered.

My personal favorite design today has to be the windy tree, because I love the effect of the curling leaves ‘blowing’ across a wall. Which one do you like best? We’d love to hear from you!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Reclaim Your Space

I look forward to the day that I can call myself an empty nester. I dream of coming home and finding the house the same as I left it, I snicker over having to load a dishwasher occasionally. I also dream of what I can do to convert those coveted bedrooms to more functional space. Now, granted, my empty nest days are a long way off, but I can dream. If you have a bedroom that you have been eyeing as your hobby room, exercise room, library, media room, or home office, we have several designs that can help you proclaim your space.

Book designs for a library
• Motivation or business quotes for a home office
Movie quotes for a theater room
• Sewing, scrapbooking, quilting, or other hobby designs
• Motivation and exercise quotes for an exercise room
• Welcoming messages for a guest room

If you can dream it, we can come up with a design for it

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Grad Motivation

Ah, grad season is upon us. Soon the studious will be fresh from school and will spend their days ‘recovering’ from their ordeal. We’ve got a few great designs that are perfect little motivation reminders. If you’ve ever felt you might as well be talking to the wall, then let those walls do the nagging for a while. Don’t see any that work, then we’ve got designers at the ready to help you create a custom design that will be absolutely perfect—just think of the possibilities!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Designers, Bloggers, and Room to Breathe

Debbie Travis, one of my favorite designers and television personalities recently reached out to us for some information and photos for an upcoming newspaper column. We’re tickled pink (or rather tickled carnation, bubble gum, or…). We can’t wait to see what Debbie says—especially since her forte is paint, plaster, and the covering of bland walls.

Debbie is not the only one talking about us, we’ve been on a whirlwind with bloggers recently, getting together give aways, sending out samples, and generally getting to know some of the social media press circuit. I definitely missed the social marketing chapter in my moldy oldy Marketing 301 class in college, but I’m learning as I go.

Our big news (at least to us) is that we moved our production facility this week and are really enjoying the elbow room. The blank walls are both refreshing and intimidating—the old space we put up any random thing that we had lying around. In this space I want it a little more thought out. For now it’s a little minimalist until I get a spark of creativity and a few minutes with my favorite cutting machines.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Photo Contest Grand Prize Winner

We just wrapped up a photo contest, and we were thrilled at the response and the great photos. Our grand prize winner is Elaine S. who used the birch trees and bird cages to make a great headboard design for her bed. The chocolate color coordinates with her bedding, and the yellow bird is the perfect accent. We hope Elaine enjoys the $50 gift certificate and comes up with something just as fun and creative for the next contest.

Visit us on Facebook for even more fun customer photos such as the one below. And get those photos ready for the next contest. We had a blast!

Photo Contest Runner Up

Jennifer J. took the $25 gift certificate where she used a custom monogram centered over her daughter’s crib. We think that the effect is absolutely adorable and we’re sure that it’s getting plenty of oohs and ahas from everyone that sees it in person. We just want to know how she managed to talk her hubby into the pink and green walls.

Visit us on Facebook for even more fun customer photos and get those photos ready for the next contest. And visit us often for the newest designs–we have over 1600 designs and more are added every day.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Photo Contest Honorable Mention

We had to create an honorable mention category for Cathy R. who tugged our heartstrings. The design was presented to her friend who is battling cancer, and the message is just too perfect not to include in our list of favorites. She says “This isn’t in someone house, it’s in someone’s heart…” She too gets a $25 gift certificate for sharing the photo and story. We love the gift aspect of the designs, which is what the ‘Trading’ in Trading Phrases is all about.

Visit us on Facebook for even more fun customer photos (the canoe with the names of the rivers it has been on is really fun), and get those photos ready for the next contest.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring - Make it Bloom Where You Want it

If you’re like us, spring cannot come fast enough. We are out of the snow, but still are looking at some gray days with the rain and the plants that are just beginning to shake their long slumber. We’ve got a great idea to help spring color along—add a few vibrant designs to your walls. Bring the blooms indoors, and add a colorful branch to your wall, or add some vibrant birds to make you smile.

The Vintage Frog blog recently featured a chalkboard heart design. We love her idea of using it to keep score during game night. We’ve also had people use them to ‘decorate’ old furniture to give it new life. Vinyl chalkboard is great for dresser fronts, for table tops, or anywhere that a little temporary creativity can be added in unexpected places.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Love is in the Air, and Maybe on the Wall

February harkens thoughts of romance, roses, and chocolate. The romance should last throughout the year, but the roses and chocolate are short lived (unless you count those calories, and then it may be more permanent). For years we’ve done the Valentine’s dinner at a nice restaurant, but this year the sentiment is to cut back a bit. It can be fun to prepare a favorite meal at home together—especially if it’s a recipe that you’ve never tried before. If cooking is not your thing, then get a nice takeout meal break out the china—go for the candlelight and some soft music and you’ll have a dinner to remember. To make that dinner even more special, dress up your dining room wall with a few romantic words or a great quote. You may want to save the wildly romantic phrases for the bedroom, however.

Valentine wall quotes and phrases are creative and unexpected, are personal and classy, and are a great way to get your message across. Our favorite idea is to ‘write’ out a marriage proposal, but the possibilities are endless. Designs range from subtle to strong, from simple to sophisticated. Whatever design you choose, it will last longer than those roses and the box of chocolate—especially if it is good chocolate!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Sign of the Times?

A recent article from US News about “17 Ways Consumers Are Changing” got a discussion started among the staff about current spending habits. What we all agreed on is that we’re a bit more frugal, are less willing to impulse buy, and are focusing on spending money on things that make us happy well beyond the fleeting “shopping fix” feeling.

The trend has been emerging over the past few years. ETSY and DIY sites have grown exponentially, and that growth stems from the notion that shoppers want something special, something personal. You don’t get comments about a sweater from Target, but you do for a sweater from Anthropologie or a unique ‘find’ from ETSY. Of course your purchasing power is 3:1 for Target sweaters, but the Anthro sweater will be a closet staple long after the Target sweater has been forgotten.

Today’s consumers still want to shop (or at least the ones I’ve talked to), they just want to make sure that the purchase means more than it did a few years ago. They want to pay with cash/debit rather than credit. This may be part of why wall decals are really taking off as an alternative to standard artwork. Words, quotes, and phrases tend to move people. They reinforce a message; make people think, smile, or both. They reinforce what you want to be or want to do, and are a personal affirmation to yourself and to your family. They are affordable, removable, and are easy to install. They are a perfect compliment to how we’re beginning to live today as we shed excess clutter along with economy that is also doing a little housecleaning. Wall decals convey a more long term connection than any mass produced print found in a store, and that longer term commitment is what consumers seem to be looking for today.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Idea File: Updating Mirrored Closet Doors

Mirrored closets were all the rage circa 1982. Mirrored doors can definitely serve a purpose by bouncing precious light around, let you check your look before heading out the door, and of course hiding a multitude of shopping sins within the closet. If you're facing a mirrored closet and wondering how to update it, vinyl is the perfect answer. New installations have updated the look a bit with frameless options, but a mirror is still a mirror, and it is the perfect medium for a bit of closet creativity.

We've all seen some basic block shape updates that provide a contemporary, clean look. Other options are to include a favorite quote or series of quotes that inspire you. Consider a satin gold, copper, or silver to compliment the shimmery mirror effect. The words help break up the mirror visually, while still letting the mirror serve it's purpose overall.

Add some fun graphic designs to add a touch of whimsy to your space, or add a monogram for a more classic traditional look. Frosted vinyl is the perfect medium to add a design without it overpowering the mirror. The effect is instant and absolutely removable, which is perfect for rentals or converting spaces as your needs change. Whatever your style, vinyl is an affordable solution to your mirrored door problems.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Early January Planning

It is mid January and we’re pondering what we can do to keep the momentum going this year. We have several irons in the fire including redesigning the website, using more technology to help streamline customer interactions, and of course more fun and exciting designs. We’re planning some fun new nursery and wedding designs and of course working with customers to design more fun custom creations. For those of you who have purchased designs, send us some pics that we can share on our website and we’ll send you a discount code to use or to share for future purchases.

Look for us on Twitter and on Facebook as we try to keep up with the latest happenings in the social media world—and keep those great comments coming—we LOVE to hear from you! Our favorite feedback from December is from Karyl W in Champaign, IL who writes: “I used to think that great customer service was a thing of the past...until I worked with Samantha and Trading Phrases. Congratulations on a great product and customer service that is second to none!” Wow, thanks Karyl!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Downsizing Decor -- Keep It Personal

I recently read about a decorating strategy from Sunset magazine. It talked about keeping décor minimal and choosing pieces that have meaning. I remember doing that back when we moved into our first apartment. It is good to know that we were actually strategizing about not filling our space with random tzchotkes—not that we could actually afford anything. I agree with the idea of making sure that you surround yourself with things that mean something to you. I think it’s easy to take it one further and add a personal and meaningful touch to a blank wall using vinyl wall decals. We have several artistic graphics that have random elements that can fill an entire wall, but we have even more quotes and sayings that make your walls say more than a piece of mass produced art ever will. Add a bit of humor, choose colors that match or elevate your décor, or have one of our designers create a personalized statement that reminds you of someone, someplace, or something that has meaning. Decorating is all about making you feel good in your own space, and wall graphics are the perfect touch.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year!

The holiday decorations are finally coming down, and the house is feeling a bit bare. While I love the holidays and the glitter and greenery, it’s always feels like we have more space when the decorations are finally put away. I’m taking the opportunity to remove a lot of test designs from the walls and get back to a blank slate. We continually test files and take photos of them for the website so our walls are a bit eclectic, to say the least. So here’s to a fresh start for twenty-ten, and here’s to a new round of fresh fun designs to take the humble wall from bland to grand.
Happy New Year!