Saturday, November 29, 2008

DIY Vinyl Ideas

For everyone trying to stretch a dollar this giving season, homemade gifts using vinyl designs may be the perfect solution. A glass block, a simple tile plaque, a wooden board, a picture frame, or just about any smooth surface will work for most vinyl applications.

Simple tile plaques with a family name or seasonal blessing are quick and easy gifts. Add a decorative ribbon and display on a plate stand for a classic effect.

Glass blocks from the home center store can be turned into beautiful accent lights with the addition of a light string and a ribbon. Pre-drilled blocks can be picked up at your local craft store, or at some home center stores. For tips and tricks on how to create your own glass blocks, visit the glass block page on our website.
Wooden boards, picture frames, or plaques are inexpensive options that need a little paint and a touch of sanding to make them ready for a vinyl application. Pre-cut wooden blanks can be found at any hobby store.

We have dozens of designs that are inexpensive and are quick and easy to apply. Make holiday giving easy and inexpensive this year with a few gifts made with vinyl designs.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Block Lights

I love these lights!
The black design against the jumble of lights in a glass block is both fun and classy. I've seen these with hand painted designs, which are beautiful when unlit, but the lights tend to accentuate the heavier paint areas causing an uneven look. The perfect solution for that problem is using the vinyl design which is perfectly even and smooth. We can even add a frosted layer to mask the lights even further ~ also with a perfectly even surface.

This would make a great night light or as an accent light. The block light can even be used outdoors to mark a path, welcome guests, or add a subtle light when entertaining after dark.

The glass block is solid and heavy, and will survive years of use. The design in the picture is my personal favorite, but the light can be created using just about any design that will fit on an 8 x 8 block (4 x 4 and 4 x 8 are also available). For the DIY'ers who want to use their own glass block, we can cut and sell the vinyl design only. This light makes a great Christmas gift for friends and family, and will be a unique, classy, and beautiful addition to any personal space.


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

One of the things I really love about the vinyl designs is that they are temporary. I've decided I'm somewhat fickle when it comes to decor. I get a spark of creativity and start to lean to sophisticated, back to un-shabby chic (I just can't get used to junk covered with lace and wrinkled cotton, but I can get close!), to country/rustic, to Americana, to urban loft simplicity, and back again. What I have around my house is an ecclectic mix of things I've inherited, things I've purchased when I really shouldn't have, things I've purchased that make absolute sense, and things that we've compromised on because they served a purpose. Where I can get creative is what I put on the walls.

Vinyl designs are not the artwork that has a huge cost associated with framing and matting, and becomes something that I'm invested in for a number of years (try explaining to your significant other that after spending $200 on the perfect print that you've had framed, it just doesn't work anymore--believe me, you're stuck with it for years to come!). These designs are as permanent as you decide they should be. If you change your mind, go in a different direction, update a room's personality/theme, the design can be removed and a new one installed cheaply and with no mess. It's a decor trend that is fun, is affordable, and works with the ever-changing decor that comes along with a changing family dynamic.


Monday, September 22, 2008

Inspiration comes in many forms and often when you least expect it. If you have not read Randy Pausch's "The Last Lecture" then you owe it to yourself to take a few moments and immerse yourself in his powerful message.

I've created a new website, a new eBay store, and am diving in headfirst to retail marketing. I've been safe and sound in corporate America, and I'm not sure how this will all pan out, but I'm not ready to jump ship just yet. I hold out hope that there are creative people out there that will be inspired to write out loud and to use the wall lettering medium to share their typographical verve. My husband thinks I'm crazy (but then he's been living with my vinyl obsession for a while now). My teenage sons are non-committal, but I think they secretly would vote with him. My daughter is, as usual, the one that puts a positive spin on my ideas.

Welcome to our site, and welcome to the ideas and inspirations that I hope to share in this blog--and please feel free to post a comment if you've got design ideas or have a photo to share.