Friday, July 31, 2009

We'd Like to Thank...

This has been one of those crazy months. We’re training a bunch of new people, getting even more administrivia handled, and are generally trying to remember what we used to do when we had free time. I thought that a little round of thank you’s were in order.

Clatsop Spit and Thundermuck coffee from Columbia River Coffee Roasters–you rock! :: USPS and your delightful pick up service :: Watching UPS trying to navigate the driveway with their trucks :: The Obama Beer Summit — thank goodness nothing else newsworthy is going on in the world :: RAIN, RAIN, and MORE RAIN proving once again that Columbus gets more rainfall than Seattle :: Pancake dinners :: Kitty mascots :: Wired Magazine — once a geek, always a geek! :: ADP Payroll Processing — keeping us out of IRS hell :: Michael Jackson :: The Apple Store and the shiny new toys that we’re only mildly afraid of :: The evil Roland vinyl cutter that is out to get Sami :: Armchair traveler books to Italy :: HD Radio :: Wood fired pizza, and the man that lights our fire :: Fireflies making us smile during late run nights :: The DYMO label printer — Is it wrong to love a machine? :: Harry Potter at midnight (and bring on more Snape, please!) :: IKEA and the Pottery Barn Outlet — two good reasons we’ll always need a truck :: Starting a new batch of wine with Mike and Tim :: Chalkboard vinyl — new medium to play with!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Top 10 reasons to work here

10. You get all the miscut, mis-colored, returned, and otherwise unsellable vinyl your walls can hold.

9. Working space without a cubicle in sight.

8. Every time a design gets miscut or messed up, an angel gets their wings!

7. Flexible hours–work when there are orders, go home when they’re done

6. You get to make up your own title (i.e. Designer Extraordinaire, Production Master, Inventory Diva, the list goes on…)

5. The employee lounge doubles as a wine cellar with at least one batch of wine being made at any given time. Bottling may be part of the job description, we’re not sure yet.

4. The wood-fired pizza oven is a fun way to make your lunch. Smelling like a campfire for the rest of the afternoon is an added bonus.

3. You get to meet fun and interesting people, like the UPS, FedEx, and Mail Carriers

2. Twittering, Blogging, FaceBooking, MySpacing (are those even words?) are part of the daily duties.

And the number one reason we’re fun to work for:

1. Championship sword fighting with pointy little weeding tools!