Monday, June 27, 2011

Even Designers Get a Chance to Blog!

Welcome to the Trading Phrases Design Blog!

Our design juices are flowing more than ever in the past month... with our new site so easy to navigate and maneuver we are now thinking about the limitless categories and designs that we can now create. We have spun up our new mirror designs, are working on T-shirts, and now have moved to the kitchen with tumblers & KitchenAid designs! Facebook continues to be a fabulous venue for ideas and our fans have a lot of input on what gets put on our site. If you haven't seen it check it out and pop over to our "help our designers" photo album to choose which designs we add to our site- get involved!

Tumbling into Tumblers:

Tumblers have been a lot of fun this week, we spun out about 20 designs that are now in the "testing" process to ensure that we are able to produce them so small- once that is completed we will add them to the website for you to order. I was really inspired for these since I currently own about 3 (not via TP), and they are all boring clear plastic with a brown grip and straw- and they cost me $13! Tumblers are a necessity in my house since I have a toddler and animals who all seem to LOVE spilling or drinking my beverages... I'm so excited for the possibility of some personality! We will have tumblers with cute designs that you can choose your own colors for, monograms/initials, school designs, and fun art. Also, our tumblers come in an array of fun colors- so the possibilities are truly endless.

Out of the Fire and Into the Kitchen(Aid):

KitchenAid designs are turning out to be a bit more tricky- have you ever really looked at a KitchenAid? Probably not from a design aspect... I know that I hadn't! They are a very strange shape and size, especially accounting for the round curvature and long stem on them- which makes it a challenge to design for... but beautiful results! Where I tend to balance delicately on the more feminine, girly, designs- many of you (and my co-workers) prefer a bit of masculinity in their designs- like Alton Brown's flame design vs. my swirls (yet to be added). Thankfully Trading Phrases is a wonderful creative outlet and we can suit every one's needs... from the masculine to the feminine and everywhere in-between.

C is for... Custom Designs!

As always we are doing this for YOU so if you feel there is something that you would like to have on our website that is not represented, please don't hesitate to contact us- and we'd be more than happy to help you out.

I can't wait to show you some more photos of our new categories in next week's blog!


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